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We are collector of antique jewelries.  We only purchase antique FAUX ivory (ox bone, bakelite, celluloid, vegetable ivory from nut) jewelries.  We do NOT buy or sell ivory, though you are welcome to send photos of actual items for us to make a determination.  

If you have antique FAUX ivory and want to sell, please email us your photos of the items and please describe the conditions in detail.  If we are interested in your items, we will reply to you within a week.  If we are not interested, we will NOT be able to respond to every email due to the large number of emails we receive daily. 

  • Jewelry items ONLY, please do NOT send us more email of items that are NOT jewelry because we will NOT look at it.
  • ONLY highest quality jewelries.
  • Send photos size exactly 1024x768.  Any larger or smaller size photo will cause your email to be deleted.
  • Please send clear photo with close up from different angles.
  • We will NOT entertain solicitation with ridiculous offers.  While we understand an item maybe worth more to someone for its sentimental value, we will ONLY value items based on our valuation.  If you want market price for your item, we recommend you put it on some website instead of sending us an offer. 
  • We understand everyone thinks their items are valuable.  To be very honest, we have seen enough FAUX ivory items in every possible category in every possible condition, rarely any item stirs our interest these days.  So when we tell you the item isn't worth what you think it is worth, please do NOT get offended.
  • Please understand uniqueness does NOT imply added value.  If an item is so unique, it is very likely not many people will want to buy it.  An item first has to pass the aesthetic judgment before any uniqueness value can be added.  We are not a novolty shop, so please do NOT send us emails if your item is simply being unique.
  • If you have multiple jewelry items, send us photo of each item, and we might be interested in some items in your collection.